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Lose weight for good.

Get your own family chef + dietitian team,
and eat your healthiest every day.
From £1.99/meal.
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How it works

Get all your meals delivered fresh each morning,
made by a chef + dietitian team in one of our
state-of-the-art kitchens 
local to you.

How it works

Tell us about your family

We build menus around each family member's goals, nutritional requirements, and restrictions.

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Plan your week

Pick from your custom menu, or let us do the work for you.


Get daily deliveries

Delivered to your doorstep at the same time each day.


Train the algorithm

Tap your feedback to train our chefs how to make meals just right for you.

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Get the whole family eating their healthiest, without the work

Save time, money, and stress.
Affordable healthy eating for you & your family.


More time for you

We do all the work, so you & your family can eat healthy every meal.

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Save money

Spend less on takeaways & office lunches. And with our zero waste meals, no unwanted groceries go in the bin. 

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Achieve your goals

Go on, eat the cake. We'll automatically adjust future meals to keep you on track.

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Nutritionally complete

Eat with us, and get all the nutrients needed for your unique goals & physiology.

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Not just "nutritious".
Nutritionally complete.

Did you know that 98% of children and adults are low in key nutrients essential for good health?

Eat with us, and you'll have peace of mind knowing each family member is getting all the nutrients they need.*

* Yes, even if they are newly pregnant, or a vegan weightlifter training for the Olympics! 

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Unbeatable value

Your weekly service includes:

Food at cost

Pay only the cost of groceries used to make your meals.

Choose the quality & price that's right for your budget.

Saving coins

Daily delivery 

On your doorstep at the same time each day.

Choose early morning
(4-7am) or evening (4--7pm).

 Delivery Driver

Family chef

Shops, chops, washes up, and cooks with love.

Measures the right portions for each family member.

Chef Portrait

Family dietitian

Assesses your needs.
Plans your meals.
Monitors your nutrition.
Helps you achieve your goals.

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Affordable & flexible

Pick a plan that's right for you & your family.
Skip a week, pause, or cancel anytime.


All-inclusive plans start from


per meal

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Frequent questions

Have a question not answered here?
Talk to us.


+ How much does it cost?

You pay a weekly service fee, plus the cost of groceries used to make your meals. That's it. Our lowest cost plans work out to £1.99/meal (inclusive of the service fee as well as the food).

+ How much is the weekly service fee?

It depends on the number of meals & people in your plan, and the goals you select. Click START TRIAL to generate your custom plans & pick one that's right for you. Our lowest cost plans work out to £1.99/meal (inclusive of the service fee as well as the food).

+ Can I pause or cancel the service without penalty?

Of course! There are no commitments. You can pause or cancel the service anytime.

+ I live with housemates. Do we qualify for the multi-person discount?

Yes. You don't need to be related, you just need to be signed up & take delivery at the same address.

+ Is the meal box suitable for taking to work (or school)?

Yes. Each meal comes in a sealed box with a personalised label & easy-to-carry handle.

+ Do I need to get all my meals from you -- or can I get just some?

All or some, it's up to you. You pick the meals & days you want us to provide. 

+ What if I skip a meal, or eat/drink something extra?

No problem. Just tell us what you did with a few easy taps in the app, and we'll automatically adjust your future meals to help you keep on track.

+ Is your packaging planet-friendly?

Yes. We use zero-plastic, minimalist paper packaging which is fully recyclable & compostable.

A dream come true?

Put us to the test with a limited time no-risk 30-day FREE TRIAL.

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