Game-changing tools to transform your diet

Revolutionary insight into what you're eating, empowering you to achieve your goals

Monitor 164 nutrients in real time

Like getting a blood test. But for all nutrients. As many times as you like. And without the blood.


Take the guess-work out of eating right

Tap anytime to get a nutritionally on-target recommendation tailored to your particular needs & preferences -- instantly.

Don't like what you see? Just swipe left, and get another equally on-target recommendation.

A genius-level nutritionist in the palm of your hands. Available instantly day or night.


Get exactly what's right for you

Go beyond "low carb" and other current trends and buzzwords. Follow the diet that's biologically right for you and your unique needs.

Calculate the mix of carbs, fat, and other nutrients burned during your workouts, and know exactly what to replace to maximize recovery.

Achieve your goals

Peace of mind during & after pregnancy
  • Prepare for pregnancy

  • Reduce diet-related foetal and natal development risks

  • Lose unwanted weight after pregnancy

immune health
  • Covid 19 protection

  • Improve microbiotic diversity

Improve performance & recovery
  • Faster recovery

  • Faster muscle adaptation

  • Improve performance

Limit meat with confidence
  • See exactly what nutrients you're missing when reducing intake of meat & animal products

  • Learn exactly how to get what you're missing

Lose weight
the right way
  • All you can eat

  • Science-based

  • Permanent

  • Restore hormone balance

  • Improve microbiotic diversity

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