Adding actvities

Fuelbetter allows you to add activities manually. This means you can plan a workout in advance and see the estimated nutrient impact before you start -- allowing you to plan your fuel before, during, and after.

If you already have an app or device that records your workouts, you'll be able to use the activity duration & calorie values reported by the app or device. If you're planning ahead, you can use the values for a similar past activity, and then check & edit them if needed after your workout.

For intensity, enter how intense this workout felt for you personally. (For all of you sports scientists out there, this intensity input is a 10-point Borg rating of perceived exertion.)

If you don't have an app or device that records your workouts, you can use the handy calculator below (kindly provided by www.metscalculator.comto estimate the calorie burn of your activity. 

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