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Fueled by a larger purpose.

From the beginning, Fuelbetter's team has been inspired by a desire to help address two of the biggest problems facing the world: climate change, and the non-communicable disease pandemic.

Climate change
Food production, consumption, and waste are major contributors to global warming, accounting for 30% of total greenhouse gas emissions. The science now shows that, with better dietary choices, it’s possible to cut this figure in half. Let’s do it.


When making dietary choices in real-life, on-the-go situations, it’s not easy to figure out the most climate-forward choices while still meeting our other nutritional goals.


Fuelbetter makes it easier to make climate-friendly choices. The app quantifies the climate impact your dietary decisions in real-time, and keeps this in focus on your dashboard – giving you both the insight & motivation to keep steering toward climate-friendly eating.

The non-communicable disease pandemic
From February 2020 to February 2021, Covid-19 killed 500,000 people in the U.S. By comparison, non-communicable “lifestyle” diseases (excluding those related to tobacco) kill over 1,000,000 people in the U.S. annually, and account for 1/3rd of total annual health care expenditure – about US$1 trillion in the U.S. each year. The picture is similar in other developed countries, and developing countries are quickly catching up. The science now shows that most of this non-communicable disease burden is driven by poor dietary choices – and is preventable through better ones.


Fuelbetter makes it easier to make choices now which minimize your life-time risk of developing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, or one of the many other preventable diseases driven by poor diet. Fuelbetter quantifies the long-term impact your dietary decisions in real-time, and keeps this in focus on your dashboard – giving you both the insight & motivation to keep steering toward choices which minimize your long-term health risks. 


(We can't say all of this in a simple app dashboard, so we've taken type 2 diabetes risk as the "canary in the coal-mine" because of its strong corellation with obesity, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease, and because it is also a key risk during pregnancy.)

Our path toward purpose.

In approaching this larger purpose, we also needed to create a commercially viable venture in a market crowded with alternatives.  With our limited skills and resources, what approach could we take that was both truly distinctive and added real value to the lives of a large number of people? And where would we start -- in terms of product features and the people we focused on? After all, you can't go to Mars without first developing re-usable rockets.

Distinctive value-add

What we decided to do was invent ground-breaking technology that allows us to accurately estimate the "deep" nutritional content of multi-ingredient packaged foods.  This, in turn, means we can give our users a complete view of their total intake of 164 nutrients from all sources (primary, single-ingredient foods and packaged, multi-ingredient foods). This is truly ground-breaking -- and forms the basis of the other world-first features at the heart of Fuelbetter, including the real-time measurement of nutrient deficiency/excess, the world's first fully digital dietitian, and the assessment of long-term health & impacts of users' dietary choices. 


Our starting point

This was a tough one. In the end, we decided the best approach was to first focus on those who were already nutritionally switched-on, already actively making efforts to improve their dietary health, already actively striving to realize their best selves in other areas of their lives. Fuelbetter's branding & product positioning reflect this focus.

After we achieve our initial milestones, we have exciting plans to broaden our reach. Stay tuned. 

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