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Nourish your baby & yourself.

During pregnancy & when breastfeeding, your requirement for certain nutrients increases substantially -- among them net carbs, fiber, protein, iron, folate (folic acid), choline, iodine, fluoride, magnesium, selenium ... and the list goes on.

Undershooting or overshooting your requirements creates health risks for you & your baby. For example:

  • Folate (folic acid). Too little folate, and your baby is at higher risk of developing neural tube defects.  Too much folate -- as often occurs with improper folic acid supplementation (anything over 400 micrograms / day) -- increases the risk of your baby developing autism spectrum disorder

  • Calorie intake & macronutrient ratios. Some weight gain during pregancy is normal. But excessive weight gain not only increase your risk of developing gestational diabetes, but it can increase your child's risk of developing obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes later in life.

Get peace of mind.

Let Fuelbetter help you navigate the nutritional complexities of pregnancy & breastfeeding.

  • Calculate your nutrient requirements precisely. Things change from trimester to trimester, and during the different stages of breastfeeding. Don't get caught out.

  • Detect deficiencies & excesses early. Measure & monitor 170+ nutrients in real-time. Know exactly which supplements you need -- and which ones you don't.

  • Ask Auto-suggest. Use the world's most powerful digital nutritionist to help address any nutrient excess or deficiency. Each suggestion is highly personalized, crafted around the foods you're already eating. Change fast or slow -- it's up to you.

  • Keep exercising safely. When pregnant, you'll be burning more during exercise. Quantify & replace what you lost during your workouts to prevent nutrient depletion.

  • Keep the big picture in view. You're more than a new mother --- and have an interest in what you're eating beyond its importance for your baby. See the long-term health impact and climate impact of your dietary choices.  

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