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Lose weight. For good.

To lose weight, you need to stay in a calorie deficit -- your body must burn more calories than it absorbs -- over several weeks or months.

And not just any calorie deficit will do. When you reduce your calorie intake, your body responds by slowing down your resting metabolic rate. So your calorie deficit must be
large enough to offset this "metabolic adaptation", but small enough to avoid triggering adverse effects. 

Most people who try to lose weight are initially successful -- but then regain all of the weight back (sometimes even more) a few months later.  Many are stuck in a cycle of "yo-yo dieting" that erodes psychological and physical health.

What's the solution?

The scientific literature is clear: to lose weight and keep it off requires a permament change in your relationship with food. 

Imagine that you need to sustain your next "diet" not just for a few months, but for years and years. That means it must be practical, affordable, flexible, pleasurable, filling, and satisfying -- and it must provide all the nutrients you need. In short, not "a diet" at all, but a permanent sustainable shift in dietary habits.


The whole nutrition approach.

Other apps focus only on calories & macros -- encouraging you to lose weight while ignoring your broader nutrition requirements. That's unsustainable.

Only Fuelbetter empowers you to take 
a sustainable, whole nutrition approach to losing weight, while avoiding rigid meal plans and unsatisfying portions.

As you focus on
meeting all of your nutrient requirements with real, whole foods within your calorie budget, you'll find five things happening:

  • You'll feel full & satisfied -- even in a calorie deficit. To meet your nutrient requirements with real food, your fruit & vegetable intake will increase -- a lot -- and the "fill factor" of your meals will increase along with it.

  • You'll find nutrient-rich foods more attractive, and nutrient-poor foods less so. When you start asking "what value does this food bring to my body", those foods which tick more of your nutrient boxes will outshine those that merely taste nice, but have low nutrient value. Over time, you may even stop craving those hyper-palatable comfort foods altogether.

  • You'll feel & look better -- regardless of your weight. If you're like most people, then you've been living your life with multiple nutrient deficiencies -- perhaps even running on empty. When you're regularly meeting all of your nutrient requirements, you'll feel a palpable bump in your overall physical and mental health.

  • You'll learn what supplements you need -- and which ones you don't. Tempted to spend on that expensive "detox tea" or "adaptogenic mushroom latte" or "bespoke woman food-grown multivitamin with ashwagandha"?  Fuelbetter helps you cut through the social media noise and slick marketing messages to pinpoint what you really need, and how to get it from real food. Still a few gaps in your nutrition? Now you'll know exactly what to look for when buying supplements.

  • You'll start forming new, sustainable food habits -- with lots of food flexibility and without rigid meal plans. With Fuelbetter, there are no "bad" or "forbidden" foods, and you don't need to eat what the latest influencer is eating to achieve your goals.  Fuelbetter highlights the foods high in each nutrient, allowing you to explore and experiment on your own.  Looking for ideas? Tap Auto-suggest for personalized meal suggestions that maximize your nutrient intake within your calorie budget -- suggestions crafted around the foods you are already eating.

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